Tesla secures new location in Oakville, Ontario to be used as service and body repair shop [Update]

Tesla is expanding in Canada yet again, this time adding what appears to be a dedicated service and body repair shop in Oakville, Ontario.

The new building was discovered after Tesla added their logo to the front of a large industrial building at 891 Progress Court this week. (h/t: Chunye)

Tesla Oakville

Located just a short 6 minute drive from the current Tesla Oakville store on Wyecroft Road, the interior of the building is still vacant.

However, based on the information Drive Tesla has been able to put together, the two locations will work together, rather than the existing store shutting down.

The Progress Court property is around 38,000 square feet in size and features a small office area at the front of the building. More importantly there is over 35,000 square feet of warehouse space at the rear.

A hint as to what Tesla plans to do with all that space is the property’s zoning, which was recently amended to allow for a dealership, body shop, repair facility, and car washing facility.

Credit: City of Oakville

A building permit was also recently issued to add an exterior overhead door.

oakville permit
Credit: City of Oakville

More hints about the property’s future can be found on Tesla’s careers website. There are currently several jobs relating to body repair services, all of them located in Oakville.

tesla oakville jobs
Credit: Tesla

Based on this, we believe this will soon become a dedicated service and body repair facility for Tesla Oakville.

UPDATE Nov 30 10:45am PST: We have now been able to confirm this will be a dedicated Tesla Collision Centre based on new signage added to the property this week.

oakville collision

That will allow the existing location to focus on sales and deliveries at their high profile location on Wyecroft Rd.

Based on the current condition of the property, it will likely be several more months before it opens. However in just the few days since we discovered this building, construction materials and equipment have arrived indicating work will begin soon.

Here are some more photos of the property, as well as some interior photos from a recent sales listing.

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