Tesla now also importing Model Y Long Range from China into Canada with lower range

Over the last few weeks Tesla has started importing some vehicles built at Giga Shanghai into Canada, including the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range variants, as well as the Model Y Performance. We can now add the Model Y Long Range to that list.

While Tesla hasn’t officially announced the change, the automaker updated their Design Studio on Thursday night to show the Long Range variant isn’t as long range as it used to be. According to the online configurator you can now expect a range of 497km, down from the previous 531km.

Just like the Model 3 Long Range and Model Y Performance, that is now also coming from China with a lower range, the performance specs of the electric SUV haven’t changed, indicating the battery is not lithium iron phosphate (LFP), but either a smaller pack, or one with a slightly different chemistry.

Also just like the other imports from China, the Model Y Long Range is only available with a black interior, and only in the standard five-seat configuration. With all of these changes, the price has remained the same at $69,990, meaning it is still eligible for the federal $5,000 incentive.


Tesla has already sent two ships to Canada, one of which is still on the way, which could include the new Model Ys the first deliveries are expected in June or July, according to the Design Studio.

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