Tesla Model Y side mirror not tilting high enough? It’s a known issue, and here’s the fix

If you have taken delivery of a Tesla Model Y recently and you can properly adjust the side mirror, it is not a user error.

We have received several reports recently, as well seen a number of owners reporting on social media, that the side mirrors on their electric SUVs aren’t adjusting high enough. As a result, owners are left with a view of the road and having to hunch down to effectively use them.

The Problem

The problem occurs because of three small tabs behind the mirror that should have been removed during production. With these small plastic pieces still in place, the mirror gets jammed against them when you attempt to make an adjustment past a certain point.

The Fix

The good news is this is a known issue and there is an easy fix that you can try yourself.

First you need to remove the mirror from the housing using your fingers or a pry tool. Much like removing the aero caps, move your way around the mirror, gently pulling as you go until the mirror pops off. Once it is off, you will see three tabs in the locations pointed out above.

Break those pieces off, re-insert the mirror, and your side mirror will now have a full range of adjustment.

If that sounds like something you don’t want to try, you can also visit a Service Center or schedule a mobile service to have it fixed in less than 5 minutes.

Let us know in the comments below if you have this issue, and if you’ve tried the fix yourself.

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