Tesla Model Y RWD with BYD Blade battery has improved charging speeds over former CATL pack

BYD Blade
Credit: BYD

Tesla has recently started using BYD Blade batteries in the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model Y from Giga Berlin, and early tests are showing the new battery pack is capable of much faster charging speeds.

CATL was the sole supplier of LFP batteries for the RWD variants of the Model Y and Model 3. However, Tesla recently introduced a new batch of Model Y’s from Giga Berlin with BYD Blade battery packs, and they have been outperforming the CATL versions of the car, including for fast charging.

According to information posted on the TFF forum, the BYD variant can maintain fast charging at 172 kWh until the battery hits 50 per cent, and then tapers the speed off until the battery hits 90 per cent

While the CATL version of the Model Y could not maintain charging at 172 kWh for very long and its charging speed dropped off almost immediately.

Unfortunately for potential owners in Europe, Tesla may have to halt BYD deliveries. Per local reports, Tesla failed to register the BYD variant properly and has suspended deliveries. However, deliveries should back up once Tesla properly registers the vehicle with the appropriate authorities.

It is not all bad news for CATL, as the company is rumoured to be in talks with Tesla for its next-generation M3P phosphate batteries. But, neither company confirmed the rumours or if the M3P phosphate batteries would be making their way into Teslas anytime soon.

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