Tesla Model Y ditched by driver after hauling semi trailer

A Tesla Model Y was seen hauling a semi trailer around Harlingen, Texas this week. While the sight of the electric SUV pulling the large trailer garnered a lot of attention, we may never know the full story behind it after it was found abandoned with the driver nowhere to be found.

According to Tesla, the Model Y has a towing capacity of 3,500lbs, good enough to pull a good size camping trailer or small boat. If you speak to anyone that has towed with a Model Y they will all tell you it does so effortlessly, suggesting it has enough power to haul loads much larger than its rated capacity. There are obviously other constraints that limit it to 3,500lbs however, like the brakes being able to stop such a heavy load.

Then there is the impact to the EVs range, which can be reduced dramatically the heavier the trailer is. All of this was apparently of no concern to one Model Y driver, who hooked up a full size semi trailer to the electric SUV this week in Harlingen, Texas.

Multiple videos have been shared on social media, showing it had no problem pulling the massive trailer. It was also spotted in several different locations as well, suggesting it wasn’t just a short trip down the block.

However the trip did eventually come to an end in a gas station parking lot, where both the Model Y and the trailer were left abandoned by the driver, according to Capital Towing, the company called out to tow them away.

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When contacted for more information by The Drive, a Capital Towing employee said both the Model Y and trailer are now sitting on their lot, and are unlikely to be picked up considering the cost to get them back, meaning if you’re on the lookout for a cheap Model Y (with some damage) and a semi trailer, you will probably be able to get them both for a discount.

As for the driver, he will likely never come forward, but we hope he does because we’d love to hear the full story behind why he decided to hook up a full size semi trailer to a Model Y.

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