Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are California’s best selling cars through September

According to recently released data from the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are the two top selling cars in California through the first nine months of 2022.

That is not just for electric vehicles (EVs), or even a specific segment, but for all new cars, even those with internal combustion engines (ICE), across all segments.

The Model Y was the top selling car overall, with 61,544 registrations between January and September, putting it at the top of the Luxury Compact SUV (dominating with 52.1 per cent of the market share) and Light Truck segments.

The Model 3 was just behind in second with 56,851 registrations in the same time period, making it the best selling passenger car, and also giving it a dominating 54.3 per cent of the market share in that segment.

Showing off their dominance, the next closest competitor after the Model Y and Model 3 was the Toyota RAV4 which accumulated 44,738 registrations through September, more than 12,000 behind that of the Model 3.

The Toyota Camry was the fourth most popular car in California with 40,358 registrations.

In addition to the  success of the Model 3 and Model Y, the Model S was the top luxury high-end sports car taking 20.8 per cent of the market share.

The Model X did not make the top three it is luxury mid-size SUV segment.

However it did come in fourth with 7,467 Model X registered, reaching 10.9 per cent of the segment’s market share.

Overall, it was a good quarter for Tesla, which saw a 62.8 per cent increase year over year and Tesla now sits second in terms of overall sales in the state.

With a big lead and likely strong Q4 it is looking like the two best selling cars in California for all of 2022 will be electric, and both will be from Tesla.

You can read the full CNCDA report here.

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