Tesla kills rumour that it acquired Zotye

tesla China delivery2
Credit: @JayinShanghai /Twitter

Vice President of Tesla Global Grace Tao killed a recent rumour that Tesla acquired the Chinese-based auto manufacturer Zotye.

The rumour started after a document where Tesla’s management signature and seal could be seen made its way around the web.

The document indicated that Zotye was going through the necessary approval processes after obtaining a business license.

The rumours are not a surprise, as Tesla seems to be ramping up production worldwide.

According to a few pundits, this ramp-up may include a second Chinese factory in the coming years. Tesla currently uses their Chinese factory to export to both Europe and Asia, along with domestic sales in China.

Thus, the internet rumour mill saw it make sense that Tesla would buy Zotye simply for their production facility.

Tao took to Weibo to dispel the rumours.

She posted the document as part of her Weibo post. In addition, she noted that the document included in the rumour was a blatant lie. She also said that Tesla is reporting the case to the public safety authorities as the document included a forged signature and seal.

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