Tesla highlights its economic impact in Canada in 2021: $762 million GDP contribution, over 6,600 jobs

Tesla has sent out an email to owners this week highlighting the economic impact it has had in Canada since it first launched the Model S north of the border in 2011.

The email from the company’s policy team, titled “Tesla’s Economic Impact in Canada – New Study” reveals over 145,000 Tesla cars have been delivered across the country since that first Model S more than a decade ago. This has allowed Canadians to drive “billions of all-electric kilometers,” according to Tesla. Many of those were driven along the Trans-Canada Supercharger Corridor, a route of Superchargers from coast to coast completed late in 2019.

While many might not know it Tesla has also deployed their Powerpack and Megapack products in Canada, like the eReserve project which saw three 20MW Megapack batteries installed at three different locations in northern Alberta. Even though they aren’t officially available through Tesla yet, customers can also purchase Powerwalls for their homes through certified third-party installers.

What may be even less well known by Canadians is Tesla’s large manufacturing and engineering presence in Canada. Much of this takes places at Tesla Toronto Automation which opened in 2019. This facility in Markham, Ontario builds “high-speed, continuous motion, battery assembly line equipment” that is used in the automaker’s Gigafactories around the world. Tesla also has a presence in Nova Scotia with Jeff Dahn and Dalhousie University where battery research takes places.

All of this has had a significant impact on the Canadian economy, with Tesla sharing some numbers to illustrate that point from a study titled “Driving Local Economies: The Economic Impact of Tesla Operations in Canada (included below).

  • GDP: $762 million contributed to Canada’s GDP in 2021 through Tesla’s operations and supply chain
  • Jobs: 6,645 full time jobs contributed by Tesla in Canada in 2021. Of which, 3,100 were a direct results of Tesla’s operations and spending on goods and services in Canada. A 31% employment base increase year-over-year (2020-2021)
  • Pollution reduction: Over 583,000 tonnes of carbon pollution (CO2e emissions) were avoided thanks to Tesla’ electric vehicles operating in Canada from 2018 to 2021.
  • Household Savings: Tesla owners saved an estimated $113 million in 2021 alone in transportation fuel, equivalent to $1,259 in savings per vehicle.

Here is a full copy of the report and email, as well as a short video Tesla released in 2021 showing off their research, charging, and manufacturing efforts in Canada. (h/t: @JoshWest247)

Tesla Economic Impact v4 – Final version for publication signoff
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