Tesla furloughing employees and reducing salaries until factories reopen

Tesla building

Heading into week 3 of a COVID-19 shutdown of its factories, Tesla will begin to temporarily furlough employees and reduce salaries until normal operations can resume.

In the email, leaked to Protocol, the furloughs will start on Monday, April 13 until at least May 4. That is when Tesla believes it will be able to re-open its factories and resume normal operations, “barring any significant changes.”

The furloughs will only be of nonessential employees who are unable to work from home.

In addition to the furloughs, salaried employees will also see a temporary reductions in their pay by varying amounts through the second quarter. Executives and VP’s will see a 30% reduction, directors and above will see a 20% reduction, and everyone else will see a 10 reduction.

Despite the changes, all workers including those being furloughed will continue to receive their health care benefits.

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