Tesla offers 50% off Supercharging in Texas, ask owners to charge at off-peak times amid heatwave

supercharger cybertruck

Tesla is doing what they can to help the fragile Texas grid during another heatwave by offering discounted Supercharging and asking owners to plug in during off-peak hours.

Using their in-car notification system, Tesla has sent a message to owners in the Lone Star State asking them to avoid charging between 3:00pm and 8:00pm as temperatures are expected to reach well over 100°F in the coming days.

Separately, Tesla also emailed owners in Texas this morning offering a 50% discount on Supercharging rates if they plug in during off peak hours.

The email doesn’t explicitly mention the heatwave and efforts to help reduce stress on the grid, but Tesla doesn’t typically make this kind of offer outside of holiday weekends and times when they expect high congestion at their Superchargers.

According to the email shared by Gail Alfar (@GailAlfarATX), simply use the in-car navigation to view current rates and off-peak hours.


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