Tesla developing “first of its kind data centers” according to job ad

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has always claimed his cars are actually computers on wheels. It appears the automobiles will get smarter as Tesla is reportedly working on a “first of its kind” data center, according to job ads spotted by Electrek.

According to the listing, Tesla wants to recruit a senior engineering program manager that would lead “the full design & engineering of Tesla data centers from concept to launch.” The successful candidate will be based in Austin, Texas, where Tesla has a Giga Factory. Interestingly, Tesla built a data center in its Nevada plant.

The job posting, however, does not offer what the data center is about or why it is the first of its kind.

There have been speculations that Tesla wants to own a data center business. This could be supported by Musk’s utterances that Tesla might offer cloud resources through its Dojo supercomputer. However, the facilities could be intended for internal use. Last month, Musk revealed Tesla would splash $1 billion on the Dojo. Tesla claimed the computer had 10,000 GPUs about two years ago.

Tesla’s computing requirements revolve around training its auto self-driving software, which requires analysing tons of videos.

Tesla, will perhaps be able to use its Megapacks as backup power supplies for data centers, something it has been attempting unsuccessfully to get off the ground.

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