Tesla Cyberwhistle sells out in China in less than 24 hours, the same amount of time it took for knock-offs to appear online

cyberwhistle china

Tesla fans in China were just as eager as those in North America to get their hands on the Cyberwhistle.

The limited edition collectible sold out within hours of its launch in Canada and the US in November, even with a somewhat hefty price tag of $65 CAD or $50 USD.

A similar price of ¥350 ($70 CAD) wasn’t enough to deter Chinese fans after it went on sale in the country on Monday morning.

In less than 24 hours later the Cyberwhistle was sold out.

In the same amount of time, knock-offs have already started appearing online in China.

Tesla owner and enthusiast @Ray4Tesla shared images of several Cyberwhistle listings with prices ranging from a low of ¥118 to ¥188 ($23 to $38 CAD).

Based on the photos of the listings, some of them look fairly accurate, even with similar packaging.

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Tesla Model 3 Power Trunk Retrofit in China

Others are clearly knock-offs in different sizes and colours.

With the product being listed as limited edition, and the fact it hasn’t been restocked in North America, some fans might have no choice but to purchase a counterfeit version if they want a taste of the Cyberwhistle.



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