Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle Presented at Oracle CloudWorld Conference

A Tesla Cybertruck police vehicle was presented at the Oracle CloudWorld conference by former Tesla board member Larry Ellison. The company intends to produce electric pickup trucks specifically for law enforcement.

Ellison, co-founder of Oracle, has laid out a vision for the future that could include Tesla Cybertruck. He unveiled a truck specifically configured for law enforcement and public safety applications. Ellison presented the Cybertruck concept, outfitted with police equipment and Oracle branding, at the Oracle CloudWorld conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

“Our next-generation police car is coming out very soon. It’s my favorite police car. It’s my favorite car actually; it’s Elon’s favorite car,” he said. “It’s incredible… but, among other things, it’s very safe, very fast, it’s got a stainless steel body. And we don’t have to add cameras to it because we actually use their existing cameras and screen to put our application on it.”

Thanks to its design and the steel it is made from, Tesla Cybertruck is an ideal vehicle for law enforcement. It can withstand hits and provide cover for officers in a firefight if necessary. In addition, there is enough space inside to place all the necessary equipment, a holding cell, or a K9 cabin. In addition, there will be a bed that can be used for various useful purposes.

The unveiling of the special Cybertruck was part of Oracle’s new rapid response system, which uses satellite and terrestrial technologies to ensure it is a resilient mobile network.

“We need better support for our first responders. We built an audiovisual network that always works and never fails,” said Ellison. “For first responders, the network is not allowed to fail.”

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