Tesla Cybertruck Amazes Onlookers on Vegas Strip

The Tesla Cybertruck excited the crowds on the Las Vegas Strip during a recent drive-through. The release candidate (RC) Tesla Cybertruck was filmed and the video posted on X by @curtismc08/X this weekend.

You can see wires taped to the pickup truck, something that has been seen on several occasions before. In addition, like some other units, the Cybertruck in Las Vegas had Release Candidante (RC) engineering stickers.

One of the things that set the spotted Cybertruck apart from many others was that it had a tow hitch mounted on the back. However, it is worth noting that this is not the first time the steel beast has been spotted with it. Last week, presumably the same Cybertruck was seen at a Supercharger in Las Vegas. Also, previously, the Cybertruck has been seen pulling a trailer several times. For example, in early September, it was spotted in Fremont, California. The Cybertruck drove quietly and smoothly, coping with the task perfectly. However, it remains unclear whether the trailer was loaded with cargo.

It should be noted how futuristic the Cybertruck looked on the streets of Las Vegas. It seems as if a pickup truck from the future had suddenly appeared on the road. It was completely different from the cars driving around it. In fact, this is what was supposed to happen, according to Elon Musk’s idea. On the street, you can see people staring at Cybertruck passing them by. Some people are seen filming videos on their phones, screaming and cheering for Tesla’s success.

@curtismc08 mentioned in the post that he was really amazed by Cybertruck. This turned out to be his first time seeing it in person since its unveiling in 2019. The pickup truck turned out to be much more impressive than he thought.

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