Tesla Branding Iron from Cyber Rodeo added to online shop

Tesla has added a branding iron to its online shop on Tuesday that was first launched last year but was only available to those lucky enough to attend the Cyber Rodeo.

According to the product description the branding iron features a “hand-finished food grade stainless steel head with a custom-milled hardwood handle.” As for what you can brand the Tesla T logo onto with your new branding iron, the company says it is ideal for “food items like burger patties and buns or natural materials like wood and leather goods.”

There is of course the required warning that the branding iron should be kept away from children, to exercise caution and wear appropriate clothing when using it, and to only use it on items “capable of withstanding extreme heat.”

The Tesla Branding Iron may also burn a hole in your pocket with its price at $95 CAD or $70 USD.

Canada – buy here
USA – buy here

If you really want to feel like you attended the Cyber Rodeo other items previously added to the Tesla Shop include the tee shirt and trucker hat.

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