Tesla Bot unveiled during AI Day, prototype ready next year

In typical Elon Musk fashion, Tesla’s AI Day started a little bit later than scheduled, but the event did not disappoint, and he saved the biggest surprise for last.

After AI Day was first announced, Dr. Dennis Hong teased that he was somehow going to be involved with the event. With a background in autonomous driving and robotics, it was anyone’s guess whether his participation with Tesla’s FSD team, or something else altogether.

As it turns out, it was something else altogether.

At the end of the presentation Musk unveiled the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot designed for “repetitive and robotic tasks.” One example provided was getting your groceries for you.

In specifications released during the presentation, the Tesla Bot will stand at 5’8″ tall and weigh in at 125lbs. Musk joked that the robot will be something you can easily run away from and also easily overpower.

Borrowing from the automotive side of the business, the robot will be powered by a Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer. Its vision will come from a set of Autopilot cameras.

Musk said his company is already working on the Tesla Bot and a prototype will be available next year.

Tesla Bot specs
Image via Tesla
Tesla Bot specs 2
Image via Tesla
Tesla Bot specs 3
Image via Tesla
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