Tesla begins to rebuild Supercharger team with former executive

Tesla has started to rebuild its Supercharger team, starting this effort by hiring back an executive that was let go last month.

In late April Tesla CEO Elon Musk laid off its entire 500+ member Supercharger team in the US, as part of broader layoff plans that were set to impact more than 10% of the company’s global workforce. The layoffs included the top executive leading the Supercharger team, Rebecca Tinucci, formerly the Senior Director – Charging Infrastructure at the company.

Although not as high profile as Tinucci’s departure, another executive, Max De Zegher, Director – Charging, North America, was also let go.

After reiterating that Tesla still plans to build out the Supercharger network with a $500+ million investment this year, the company appears to have started rebuilding their Supercharger team, and as many suspected, they are doing it by hiring back former employees.

According to a report from Bloomberg, De Zegher has returned to Tesla this week, less than two weeks after being let go, assuming his former role of Director – Charging, North America.

The report, which cited people familiar with the matter, did not clarify how many other former employees, if any, have also been rehired.

De Zegher’s LinkedIn profile shows he joined Tesla back in 2013 as Product Specialist in the United Kingdom, before joining the charging team and becoming a project manager in 2014. De Zegher rose through the ranks to eventually assume his current role as Director in 2022.

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