Tesla begins recruiting for Manufacturing and Autopilot & Robotics teams following temporary hiring freeze

Tesla is ramping up recruitment for its Manufacturing and Autopilot & Robotics teams following a series of layoffs that impacted more than 10% of the company’s workforce, and resulted in a temporary hiring freeze.

As we reported last month, just one day after CEO Elon Musk announced the layoffs, which he said were necessary to ensure the company was ready for its next phase of growth, Tesla also pulled all of its job postings. The Careers section of Tesla’s website went from having thousands of jobs in North America and around the world, to having none in Canada and just 5 in the US, which were not technically available jobs but rather training or apprentice programs that could eventually turn into full-time employment with the company.

The removal of virtually all job postings in North America and most in other parts of the world, suggested a temporary hiring freeze as all divisions and departments underwent a thorough review to determine which jobs were necessary and which positions should be eliminated.

Now just over a month later and Tesla has slowly restarted its recruitment efforts, at least in the US. While there are still no openings in Canada, there are 31 jobs listed in the US, mostly in the categories of ‘Manufacturing’ and ‘Autopilot & Robotics.’

Based on the low volume of job postings, less than 80 worldwide at the time of publishing, it appears as though it will take some time for the company’s recruitment efforts to recover to the levels it was at before the temporary hiring freeze began, especially in Canada and areas outside of North America.

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