Tesla appoints new head of production of Giga Berlin

Tesla has taken an important step to optimize its production processes at Giga Berlin. The company has appointed an experienced manager, Christian Adrian, as its new head of production.

Adrian will take over the management of almost all Giga Berlin production, except for the battery factory. This decision is a major milestone in Tesla’s efforts to improve efficiency and productivity.

The new leader has already been working at Tesla since October 2020. He will succeed Heiko Steinmetz, who resigned in mid-May for personal reasons. Giga Berlin manager, Andre Thierig, emphasized the importance of Adrian’s new role at a recent work meeting, according to a Handelsblatt report.

“Christian Adrian will be responsible for all production processes here at the factory. The only exception is cell division, which is currently done exclusively for the Cybertruck.”

The reorganization follows recent personnel changes and is aimed at improving collaboration within teams. “We wanted to bring the teams closer together by bringing together the powertrain and vehicle organizations,” Thierig explained. These measures should help improve efficiency and achieve the company’s long-term goals.

Adrian has extensive experience in the automotive industry. Before joining Tesla Giga Berlin, he worked at Daimler for four years. Adrian also spent a year and a half as Chief Production Engineer at the German-Chinese joint venture, Beijing Benz Automotive. Until recently, he held the position of Director of Vehicle Manufacturing at Tesla, proving his reliability and professionalism.

Tesla’s recent restructuring and personnel changes are part of a broader plan to streamline the company’s manufacturing processes. However, Thierig expressed confidence that Giga Berlin employees will quickly adapt to the new structures. “After the resignation of Steinmetz, we had to make many organizational changes. I don’t think this will affect many of you directly, but we have had to make a lot of changes,” he said.

Thierig emphasized that the purpose of the reorganization is to increase production efficiency and achieve the company’s long-term goals. Adrian will play a central role in this and, together with his team, will ensure that Tesla remains on the path to success.

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