Tesla Announces Data Protection Measures Following Leak

Tesla has announced new data protection measures following a leak that happened in May. The company has activated stricter measures and is suing the former employees allegedly responsible for the leak.

The leak was first revealed by the German media outlet Handelsblatt, who told Tesla it had received the company’s confidential information. The manufacturer responded immediately to protect employees whose data was leaked. Already in August, Tesla reported on the work done, as announced by the Attorney General of Maine. The company said it found no evidence of data misuse in a way that could cause harm.

Among other things, the company’s management sent a notice to employees about data protection measures. This includes several measures, including finer control of access rights and stricter handling of them, according to Handelsblatt. It is reported that the vulnerability was in Jira, project and error management software from the Australian software maker Atlassian.

In the notice, the company explained that previously anyone with a valid Tesla email address was granted access to the system. Now, automatic registration will be disabled. Employees now need to request access. Administrators will check the assignment of rights, limit access and grant it only when necessary. Employees have been asked not to upload sensitive personal data to Jira.

In addition, earlier in a report released by the Maine Attorney General, Tesla said it had identified and sued two former employees. As a result, electronic devices believed to contain company information were confiscated. The court order prohibited these former employees from further use, access, or distribution of the data.

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