Tesla and Samsung Partner For Smart Home and EV Energy Management Service

Tesla and Samsung have joined forces to revolutionize energy management for smart homes and electric vehicles (EVs). The collaboration, announced ahead of CES 2024, focuses on integrating Tesla’s products with Samsung’s SmartThings platform.

Samsung’s SmartThings Energy platform will serve as the conduit for connecting with Tesla’s products, starting with the Powerwall home battery. Through this integration, users will gain real-time insights into energy production, consumption, and other vital metrics. The collaboration utilizes Tesla’s API, with SmartThings Energy being the first to leverage this technology.

One notable feature is the synchronization of SmartThings Energy with Tesla’s “Storm Watch” functionality when connected to the Powerwall. This enables users to receive timely notifications on Samsung devices, such as phones or TVs, about adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, SmartThings Energy will extend its connectivity to other Tesla products, including electric vehicles, Solar Inverter, and Wall Connector charging solutions.

Furthermore, Samsung’s collaboration with Tesla extends beyond the realm of smart homes. The companies aim to enhance the user experience by enabling the monitoring of Tesla’s EV batteries’ charging status and the power generated by solar panels through Samsung’s IoT platform. Users will have the ability to control and manage electricity consumption via the SmartThings app.

“At Tesla we are excited to add capability to our products to interact with other intelligent devices and software in customers’ homes. We recently published FleetAPI, allowing developers to interact with Powerwall, Solar and Wall Connector in addition to our vehicles. We are pleased that Samsung has chosen to be an early developer, given its leading position in consumer smart home technology. Customers will be able to view the status of their grid connectivity across multiple devices and intelligently control home loads to extend their Powerwall energy when off grid.”

Drew Baglino, Tesla

Samsung will showcase the Powerwall connection at CES, however Samsung says the service is still under development and the broader release is slated for the second quarter of 2024.

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