Tesla already wants to expand Giga Texas by at least 500,000 square feet

Tesla’s newest factory, Giga Texas, still has that new factory smell and shine having only opened in April. Despite the fact it has over 10 million square feet of factory floor space, Tesla is already making plans to grow it by more than half a million square feet.

Back in May during an interview at the All-In Summit, Elon Musk said that while Giga Texas is the largest factory in North America and possibly the world, it was just shy of one mile long, but they were going to extend it so that it would be “literally be a mile long.”

According to Austin Build + Connect, the city’s development web portal, Tesla looks like they are ready to act on those plans.

The automaker filed an application yesterday, June 29, to build an expansion to Giga Texas. The permit, first shared by Sawyer Merritt, shows the expansion would be for “GA 2 and 3”, or General Assembly 2 and 3.

Based on building plans also uncovered by Merritt, the expansion looks like it will be on the southern end of the factory. This is the area currently used to store new vehicles as they emerge from the factory (pictured above).

Given that the factory is not just one level, the actual usable floor space of the expansion will likely be well over 1 million square feet.

Since the permit was only filed yesterday, it will still be a while until we see construction on the expansion begin. But when it does, it will be completed in a short amount of time, just like the main building that went from dirt patch to working factory in just under two years.

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