Tesla adds free Supercharging offer to Model 3 inventory vehicles

Tesla has added a new incentive for potential Model 3 buyers by offering three months of free Supercharger for anyone who purchases a Model 3 in existing inventory. Tesla has been offering a similar incentive, except for three years instead of three months, for new orders of their flagship Model S and Model X vehicles since April, but now it has been extended to the Model 3.

According to an update to the website on Wednesday evening, customers must order their inventory Model 3 on June 14 or later, and take delivery of their new car by June 30, 2023 in order to be eligible for the offer, which is available in both Canada and the United States. At the time of writing there are 57 Model 3 cars in existing inventory in Canada, but it is an entirely different story in the US where there are 944 new Model 3s available for near immediate delivery.

With the timing of the promotion coming just a few weeks before the end of the second quarter, it could be that Tesla is trying to sell as many vehicles as possible in their typical end of quarter push (even though CEO Elon Musk has said several times they are trying to get away from this practice and smooth out deliveries over a quarter). This is certainly a possibility, especially considering the number of existing inventory vehicles currently available in the US.

Another possibility could be that Tesla is also trying to clear out that inventory in preparation for the launch of the newly redesigned Model 3, known internally as Project Highland. Since mid-May Tesla has been discounting their Model 3 sedans in existing inventory, doubling the discount in early June, and still offering discounts as much as $2,700 in Canada and $3,090 in the US, excluding even higher discounts on demo vehicles.

Part of the reason for the growing volume of inventory is likely the number of customers waiting for the launch of the refresh design. Whether 3 free months of Supercharging, which works out to a few hundred dollars in savings if used heavily during that time, is enough to get those people to order now remains to be seen. For those who don’t care about the refresh, the free Supercharger and the discounts make it a great time to buy a Model 3.

Will you be ordering a Model 3 now because of the free Supercharging? Let us know in the comments below.

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