Telsa has the highest research and development spend per car

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Credit: Tesla

According to recent data, Tesla spends a record $2,984 on research and development per vehicle produced.

That is not only three times the cost of the average spend on research and development in the automotive sector, it is also higher than the collective research and development budgets of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford combined.

These shocking numbers come from data presented by (via Reddit)

This focus on research and development has led Tesla to push the envelope in terms of technology integration, manufacturing processes and safety within their vehicles.

Tesla can produce cars at a quicker and more efficient rate than other companies. Their vehicles are safe, reliable, and constantly receive updates.

On the other side of the coin, Tesla has taken a different approach to the car industry.

The company spends $0 on advertising when the industry average is $485.

This focus on the vehicle as a platform that can continuously be tweaked has certainly worked out for the auto manufacturer.

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