Suspected Rivian R2 spotted in Los Angeles

The Rivian R2, the automaker’s latest offering that is set to be unveiled next month, has been spotted in the wild for the first time, at what appears to have been a promotional shoot for the upcoming launch.

The R2 was spotted in downtown Los Angeles, photographed next to a Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) charging stations and shared on Reddit. Since the photo is taken from a distance, at first glance it looks like the R1S, which just so happens to be parked right next to it for an easy comparison, but there are some subtle difference, like different trim around the windows, a wider front light bar, new wheels, and more, that make us pretty sure this is a prototype R2.

R2 in the wild
byu/New-Enthusiasm-9120 inRivian

Supporting this theory is that more photos were later posted to a Facebook group, showing this was very clearly a promotional shoot, and at one point the vehicle we suspect is the R2 was covered up, with the company likely wanting to prevent any leaks of the new design.

It was also later revealed by @RivianUpdates on X that the RAN charging posts were just props, sharing photos of the same parking garage showing they were nowhere to be found.

Fortunately we won’t have to wait long for the official unveiling. It is scheduled to take place on March 7 at Laguna Beach, with a livestream starting at 10:00am PT. This new model is expected to be a pivotal release for Rivian, as it aims to capture a broader market segment with a vehicle that balances size, price, and performance.

Just yesterday Rivian updated their website to add an official R2 page, sharing a glimpse of the front-end of the R2. The company also announced that reservations for the R2 will open during the launch event, and you can secure your spot in line with a fully refundable $100 deposit.

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