SpaceX’s Starship soars to new heights in successful third test flight

SpaceX’s Starship marked a significant milestone in its development, launching from Boca Chica, Texas earlier this morning and completing an extremely successful third test flight.

The mission started with a smooth and powerful liftoff of Starship, aiming to pushing past previous test flight achievements by reaching orbit and attempting re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. As it soared into space, Starship easily surpassed the 8 minute flight achieved during the previous test, reaching orbital velocity and cruising through space at speeds of more than 26,000km/h (16,155mph).

While Starship made it into orbit, the Super Heavy Booster attempted a re-entry burn for a splashdown. The re-entry burn required three Raptor engines to re-ignite, but only one did, leading to a “hard splashdown” in the ocean.

While Starship was in orbit the SpaceX team was able to complete several critical tests, including fuel transfer and payload door operations, all essential pieces for future missions aimed at deploying Starlink satellites, and deep space exploration and the colonization of Mars.

It was then Starship’s turn for re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and splashdown. Thanks to Starlink-powered cameras on-board the spacecraft, we were treated to never-before-seen views and a real-time look as Starship turned orange as a plasma field formed around it.

Unfortunately Starship did not survive and was lost during re-entry, but despite the loss, the test flight was considered as a huge success by SpaceX. The spacecraft’s journey to space and its accomplishment of most of the planned test objectives have provided invaluable data that will guide future missions and design improvements.

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