Quebecor plans to convert fleet of 1,100 vehicles to electric

Quebecor Inc., a communications company based in Montreal, has announced plans to fight climate change by launching a fleet of electric vehicles.

Quebecor currently has about 1,100 vehicles in its fleet, of which 30 are already electric. It will initially focus on switching 900 of those vehicles to electric by both purchasing new electric cars and converting gasoline-powered light trucks, using Québec technology developed by Ecotuned Automobile.

Pierre Péladeau, Quebecor’s president and CEO, alongside France Lauziere, the CEO of Vidéotron, also announced plans to spend $14 million to achieve their goal, which includes purchasing charging stations and upgrading existing infrastructure.

Once converted to 100% electric, Quebecor hopes to be able to reduce their carbon footprint by more than 50%, or the equivalent of 85,000 one-way trips for one person between Montreal and Toronto.

Source: Quebecor

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