SpaceX passes FAA safety review; closer to another Starship launch

SpaceX can check another box off its list as it prepares for the next Starship test flight. The US Federal Aviation Administration has announced it has completed a safety review.

The Starship is another step closer to firing up its engines as the FAA completes its safety review. The assessment is one of the requirements after the mishap caused by the Starship’s explosion at its maiden orbital flight in April. The review explored the public health concerns of another launch and its effect on other people’s properties.

Meanwhile, the FAA is conducting another review jointly with the US Fish and Wildlife Services. The environmental review could take up to 135 days and will assess the impact of the Starship’s launch on the local environment. It will also assess the upgrades SpaceX has been directed to make to the damaged launch pad, focusing on the water deluge system that helps to reduce heat during liftoff by splashing a large amount of water.

The April launch fire, caused by multiple engine failures, affected 3.5 acres of state park land.

SpaceX officials have claimed the Starship has been ready for another flight for more than a monthCEO Elon Musk gave it a decent chance of reaching orbit.

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