SpaceX files application for Starlink router with Wi-Fi 6 support and built-in ethernet ports

SpaceX is gearing up to introduce a new Starlink Wi-Fi router that promises faster speeds and enhanced connectivity. The company has secured FCC equipment authorization for a test model named UTR-231, boasting the cutting-edge 802.11ax networking, commonly known as Wi-Fi 6, a significant upgrade from the existing Wi-Fi 5 support in the current routers.

The FCC application filed by SpaceX and first reported by PCMag aims to certify the router’s adherence to radio rules, providing insights into its capabilities. The submitted test reports revealed the impressive potential, with the router’s ability to achieve speeds of 1147.1Mbps over Wi-Fi 6 through the 2.4GHz frequency and a staggering 2401.9Mbps over the 5GHz bands.

One feature of the new router that will make a lot of people happy is the inclusion of built-in Ethernet ports, addressing a previous limitation in the latest Starlink router where users had to purchase a separate $25 Ethernet adapter. The newly revealed image in the submitted reports displayed the test device seamlessly connected to a laptop and network switch through LAN ports, promising more versatility and convenience to users.

While the details of the new router are promising, SpaceX has opted to keep more details secret by filing a short-term confidentiality request to keep the information under wraps for 180 days, or until the device hits the market.

When that will be we don’t know, but the router’s release might coincide with the introduction of a new Starlink dish. Back in March, SpaceX filed a separate FCC application, hinting at the launch of next-generation Starlink dishes.

SpaceX is still offering a great deal for rural Canadians where you can purchase the Starlink hardware for just $199, compared to the regular price of $759.

SpaceX offering $199 Starlink hardware deal for rural Canada while expanding sales to Home Depot in the US

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