SpaceX establishes a Starlink subsidiary in Azerbaijan

According to the Azerbaijan State Registry of Commercial Legal Entities, SpaceX established a subsidiary in the country.

Per Turan, the company’s office is located in Azure Business Centre.

The company was established on November 1 in Baku.

The company appointed Lauren Dreyer as manager of the company.

Per the paperwork, there is no other directors at the moment, but we can assume a local rep will be named shortly.

Her main role is as a senior director for Starlink business operations.

SpaceX plans to start operations in the country in 2023, and is already accepting deposits.

However, there is no set date for operations to start but with the establishment of the company, it should be early in the new year.

But we should know more in the coming weeks in terms of costs and start date.

The country may use Starlink for both civil and military purposes but they did not confirm if the military will be getting their own terminals.

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