Sono to keep Sion at $26,000 despite inflation

Sono Group of Germany is committed to selling its solar electric vehicle (SEV), the Sion, starting from $26,000 before taxes, even though inflation continues to bite. The startup made the assurance in a statement.

Thanks to multiple solar panels integrated into the car’s body, the Sion can charge while you drive it. Since its official reveal, Sono has upgraded it with new lights and door handles. It also increased the space in the interior. The new design will make it to production and offers fewer lines and clearer surfaces.

Still on the exterior, Sono changed the appearance of the rear and added a camera. It also replaced the charging port cover.

The body contains 456 solar half-cells that can add up to 305 km per week. Sono estimates that Sion owners will charge four times less than other EV owners, courtesy of the sun. They will also enjoy bi-directional charging from the 54 kWh LFP battery, sending out up to 11 kW.

Sono said it had accumulated over 19,000 pre-orders for the Sion. However, the good news is that Sono is not revising the price yet. In comparison, Tesla has increased the cost of its cars this year to deal with inflation. It added almost $10,000 to the Model 3 RWD in Germany. It also increased the price of Full Self-Driving package in Canada, in addition to hiking the price of some variants of all its cars in Canada.

Rivian tried to increase prices earlier this year for pre-order holders but reversed itself.

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