Samsung Electro-Mechanics secures key contract for vehicle camera modules, likely for Tesla

Credit: u/jasondclinton | Reddit

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. has secured a significant contract to supply camera modules for vehicles, with strong indications pointing towards Tesla as the recipient of these critical components.

Although the exact details regarding the quantity and financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, Samsung Electro-Mechanics officially confirmed the deal via a public statement issued on Monday. While the statement did not explicitly name Tesla as the contracting party, industry insiders widely speculate that the  American EV manufacturer is indeed the beneficiary of these camera modules.

“We have signed a contract to supply camera modules to the US automaker. The quantity and amount of supply have not been determined,” Samsung Electro-Mechanics said.

According to a report from The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expected to deliver camera modules to Tesla with ultra-high-definition capabilities, boasting a resolution of over 5 million pixels.

Samsung Electronics Co. is no stranger when it comes to business deals with Tesla, having already been involved in the production of chips for their self-driving computers. The collaboration between Samsung and Tesla is poised for further expansion, with the company on the verge of taking on the production for Tesla’s next-generation autonomous chip, Hardware 5.0 (HW5).

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