Rivian Rolls Out Charging Station Grading Feature in Latest Software Update

Rivian has released its latest software update and it includes a new feature that grades electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Canada and the US. This new feature aims to simplify the public EV charging experience by providing real-time reliability scores from A to F for different stations, helping drivers avoid unreliable charging points.

The over-the-air (OTA) update taps into a wealth of data collected from Rivian vehicles to assess the performance of charging stations. Factors like network uptime, the number of successful charging sessions, and peak performance of the chargers are considered to generate a letter grade for each charging station ranging from A to F.

These charging scores are then integrated into Rivian’s trip planner, both in the vehicle and in the mobile app, which prioritizes charging stations with high scores when planning your route.

This enables Rivian drivers to make informed decisions and steer clear of chargers that might disrupt their travel plans due to poor performance.

In addition to using automated data collection, Rivian is also developing a parallel customer feedback system. This upcoming feature will allow vehicle owners to submit their own ratings of charging stations, providing a more nuanced view that includes factors not immediately detectable by the vehicle’s sensors.

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