Rivian R2 officially unveiled, R3 and R3X make surprise debut

Rivian has officially unveiled their next-generation electric vehicle (EV), the Rivian R2 in California today. Along with taking the wraps off the R2, CEO RJ Scaringe surprised everyone by unveiling two new EVs that will follow the R2, the R3 and R3X.

Rivian R2

Rivian has been teasing the launch of the R2, revealing glimpses of the electric SUV on social media over the last few weeks, and on Thursday we finally got our official first look. As expected, the R2 is a smaller version of the R1S, measuring 15.47ft (4,715mm) in length and 5.58ft (1,700mm) in height. It also has a significantly smaller wheelbase of 9.63ft (2,935mm), compared to 10.09ft (3,075mm) of the R1S, making it roughly equivalent to a Tesla Model Y.

The exterior of the R2 features many of the same design elements as the R1S, adding to it with pop-out rear side windows, and a roll-down rear window, which according to Scaringe helps to create a spacious open-air feeling in the R2.

On the inside, the R2 retains the high quality materials and feel of the R1S. One of the highlights noted by Scaringe is that unlike the R1S, the R2 will not only come with a glovebox, but it will come with two. Another interior feature highlighted was a new steering wheel, which will feature large scroll wheels with dynamic haptic feedback that makes it feel “magical.”

The front row seats also fold flat, allowing the entire cabin to be used for car camping.

As for specs, Rivian didn’t provide many specifics. The R2 will come in single, dual, and tri-motor variants, all of which will be capable of 300 miles (482km) on a full charge, with the quickest variants able to reach 60mph in just three seconds.

Powering the R2 will be an all-new 4695 cylindrical battery cell inside a new structural battery pack. It was also confirmed the R2 will feature a North American Charging Standard (NACS) charge port.

4695 r2
Credit: Rivian

As for the most important details, pricing and availability, Scaringe had good news on both fronts. The R2 will start at US$45,000 (~C$60,000), and the first deliveries will be earlier than anticipated, starting in the first half of 2026.

Rivian was able to move up the delivery timeline by launching the R2 from their factory in Normal, Illinois, and not at their second factory in Georgia that is still under construction.

Customers can reserve the R2 at Rivian.com/R2, with a fully refundable C$150/US$100 deposit.

Rivian R3 and R3X

Scaringe wasn’t done with just unveiling the R2, surprising everyone with two “one more things,” also revealing the R3 and R3X. Following the R2, which is a smaller version of the R1S, the R3 and the off-road R3x are much smaller versions of the R2.

Not many details were provided on either EV, with Scaringe only saying the R3 is their version of a compact crossover. General dimensions were given, with Scaringe saying the R3 is about five inches (135mm) shorter than the R2 wheelbase, but it will also feature single, dual, and tri-motor configurations.

The R3X is an rally-inspired version of the R3, with higher ground clearance and several different exterior design elements than the R3. Scaringe said it “will deliver a level of on and off-road performance that will get us all very excited.”

Unfortunately no details on pricing or availability were shared for the R3 and R3X, but given the timeline for the R2, we shouldn’t expect it until at least late 2026.

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