Rivian Files Trademark for R1X, Suggesting New Flagship Performance Model on Horizon

A new EV might be forthcoming from Rivian after the company has successfully trademarked a new name. The EV startup has laid claim to the “R1X” appellation, suggesting it may be working on a souped-up version of its flagship R1 line.

Rivian fans have not had a chance to recover from the surprise reveal of a pair of EVs in addition to an electric platform last week. But now, the American company might have inadvertently revealed it is working on yet another automobile. It has trademarked the R1X named, as reported by a member of the Rivian Owners Forum.

Rivian already has the R1T or R1S, and this has raised speculations that Rivian is developing a performance vehicle based on the platform powering its first two vehicles. Recall that the R3X is a rally-performance version of the recently revealed R3. It could mean Rivian will use the “X” to denote its performance cars.

It is, however, not clear whether the R1X will be based on the R1T or R1S, meaning it could be a pickup truck or an SUV. However, apart from being a powerful car, it should also come with the same off-roading capabilities that the R1T and R1S are known for.

Meanwhile, Rivian CEO has confirmed the upcoming R2 will have a heat pump, helping to extend its driving range in cold weather.

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