Rimac Nevera completes winter testing ahead of customer deliveries [Video]

The Rimac Nevera has completed two weeks of winter testing at the Pirelli Sottozero Centre near the Arctic Circle in Sweden ahead of its launch.

The testing happened mainly at night to ensure the vehicle would experience the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

Rimac put the car through its paces at the testing centre. For Rimac the testing fine-tuned the ABS, ESP and torque-vectoring ahead of the vehicle’s first deliveries.

As well, the winter testing allowed Rimac to test out its jointly-developed winter tire with Pirelli.

The Pirelli P Zero Winter is the winter tire, while the summer tire is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

CEO of the Rimac Group, Mate Rimac, had this to say after the testing

For us, this cold weather testing process was an opportunity to put the final 0.1% of polish on the Nevera, ensuring it’s perfect as soon as our owners begin to receive them in just a couple of months. Even after two weeks spent at temperatures of about -15°C (5°F), and a fairly demanding testing regime, our validation prototype performed at 100% throughout, so we know that all our core systems can perform reliably even in extreme conditions.

Rimac designed, engineered and built the Nevera in-house.

The 120 kWh battery provides 1,914 hp to create the fastest accelerating production car globally.

The company is only making 150 units, and deliveries will start in the coming months.

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