Quebec EV drivers set new world record for largest parade of electric cars

Quebec EV gathering
Image via Ian Pavelko /Twitter

Sunday was a day for the record books in Quebec. A total of 733 electric cars gathered for a parade through the streets of Saint-Hyacinthe, setting a new Guinness world record for the largest ever gathering of EVs.

The record was set on José-Maria-Rosell avenue, which was shut down to the public for the attempt on Sunday morning, and part of the fifth annual Saint-Hyancinthe Electric Vehicle Show.

Electric Mobility Canada CEO Daniel Breton was the man who came up with the idea for the record attempt. Electric trucks, buses and hybrids were excluded to ensure they complied with the rules to allow them to set the new record.

“We are talking about electric cars specifically and not electric vehicles. This excludes delivery trucks, buses, scooters and even scooters or scooters. So a Ford Mustang Mach-E can participate, but not the ones named earlier,” he said. (via leSoleil)

EV drivers were asked to begin arriving at 8:30am. By noon, 740 had arrived and paraded in front of the two independent observers, automotive journalists Antoine Joubert and Benoit Charette.

Unfortunately 7 cars had to be eliminated from the count as they broke free from the procession and did not complete the designated route between the start and finish line.

Now they will have to wait for Guiness to approve the new record, which should happen in just a few weeks.

The previous record was set in Denmark with a gathering of 402 EVs on September 11, 2016.


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