Peplink Becomes First Starlink Technology Provider

Peplink announced that it has become the first authorized supplier of SpaceX’s Starlink technology through an agreement. The company will combine the Starlink Flat High Performance terminal with SD-WAN routers developed by Peplink.

Today, mobile, maritime, and remote businesses are struggling to obtain reliable, fast, and cost-effective internet services. However, not many companies work in the field and so they cannot offer a high-quality internet connection. Therefore, businesses make compromises on their operations or customer experience, which has a negative influence. By combining Peplink and Starlink solutions, companies achieve what is most important to enterprise tasks: reasonable cost, high speed, and high reliability. Thanks to the collaboration of the two companies, the internet is becoming widely accessible even in the most difficult physical environments. The solutions will be available through a dedicated global network of authorized Peplink and Starlink solution providers.

Peplink has developed proprietary hardware and software solutions that provide reliable communications in any scenario, said Alex Chan, CEO and founder of Peplink. It will be delivered anywhere, from point-of-sale systems and remote offices to mobile broadcast stations, first responders and marine vessels around the world. “Our combined solution gives any business access to affordable, fast and reliable Internet bandwidth around the world,” Chan added.

Peplink partnered with Starlink to deploy multi-link aggregation routers and multiple Starlink satellite terminals on a large cruise ship for the first time in the cruise industry. Thanks to these efforts, they were able to significantly improve the reliability and speed of ship internet connections. Meanwhile, they were able to significantly reduce operating costs compared to previous internet access options.

Thanks to Peplink technology and several Starlinks, a throughput of more than 1 Gbps has been achieved on cruise ships. This provides passengers with an uninterrupted internet connection, said Chad Gibbs, Vice President of Starlink Business Operations.

“Starlink is excited to work with our Authorized Technology Providers to continue solving complex customer connectivity issues to expand access to high-speed Internet for businesses and mobile users across the globe,” he continued.

Using a Peplink router, businesses can combine multiple Starlinks to meet high bandwidth requirements. A single Starlink can provide download speeds of over 220 Mbps and upload speeds of 25 Mbps. As part of the agreement, Peplink will be able to provide technology support through authorized solution providers for the joint solution. Value-added network products and services will be provided through Peplink and Starlink’s global network of authorized solution providers.

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