North Judson, Indiana considering purchasing Teslas for their police department [UPDATE]

HOH Tesla Model Y police car
Credit: Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department

The North Judson Police Department in Indiana could soon be joining the ranks of other PDs across the U.S. with Tesla cruisers.

According to a report from local media, North Judson Town Council are doing their due diligence before purchasing a Tesla for the police department. (via WKVI)

Like other cities and towns that have chosen Tesla for their police fleet, Town Marshal Kelly Fisher expects the EV to result in big savings.

Boulder County expects new Tesla Model Y police cruiser to save thousands of dollars each year

Fisher estimates the cost of electricity for a single Tesla will be one-fifth of what they spend on gas for a conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) cruiser.

Then there is the additional savings of lower maintenance costs.

“What we spend in fuel, repairs and routine maintenance versus what the cost up front will be for how long those batteries last which is quite a bit longer than what I had assumed.  Our council president, John Rowe, wanted to take the time to put some information – details together and get that out to the public.  We want to make sure they have the correct information and we want to hear their opinions.”

The potential purchase will be considered at a future council meeting, where members of the public will be able to give feedback.

UPDATE Jan 7 2021 9:50am: North Judson Town Council has approved the purchase of a Model Y for the North Judson Police Department, reports WKVI.

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Hopefully they will be more informed than residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who complained this week about their new Model Y police cruiser.

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