Marella Cruises adds SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet to fleet

Marella Cruises has rolled out SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service across its fleet of five cruise ships, significantly enhancing the onboard experience for both guests and crew by providing faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity while at sea.

The addition of this cutting-edge technology will enable passengers and crew members to enjoy a seamless online experience and stay connected with friends and family during their cruise.

Marella Cruises operates five ships: Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Explorer, Marella Explorer 2, and the newest addition, Marella Voyager, offering cruise holidays around Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. With the integration of Starlink, passengers and crew members aboard these vessels can look forward to a vastly improved and reliable internet experience.

“By working with this global satellite internet system, we aim to provide the very best to our customers, with high-performing connectivity whilst at sea. We know that staying connected is key, whether customers wish to keep in touch with family and friends on their journey, or replying to an important email. We’re really excited to be offering this important upgrade across our fleet,” said Chris Hackney, the Managing Director of Marella Cruises.

Starlink is renowned for its capability to provide internet services across vast geographical areas, not limited to just residences and businesses. The company has taken over several industries with its satellite internet offering, one of them being the cruise industry with most of the major operators already signing on with Starlink Maritime.

SpaceX is also quickly taking over the aviation industry with its Starlink Aviation offering. The most recent airline to adopt Starlink is Qatar Airways, making it the largest airline to partner with SpaceX.

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