Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson explains their battery technology in first episode of new Tech Talks YouTube series

lucid tech talks
Credit: Lucid Motors /YouTube

Lucid Motors has launched a new YouTube series this week called Tech Talks. The 10 videos will give viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the automaker’s key pieces of technology that allowed them to build the longest range electric vehicle (EV) on the market today – the Lucid Air Dream Edition with 520 miles (836km) of range.

Episode one features CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson, who starts off the more than 36 minute long episode with an explanation of energy, power, kilowatts, joules, and other terminology you are probably used to hearing about when talking about EVs.

From the Rawlinson dives into the tech behind the battery pack, their skateboard platform that allows them to provide more interior room in the Air sedan, and much more.

Lucid did not specify when the other nine episodes will air, but did provide a list of different experts from the company that will be explaining their other technologies like the Wunderbox, Drive Unit, Aerodynamics, and Suspension.

“Tech Talks” Episode Topic Featured Expert(s)
Battery Pack Peter Rawlinson, CEO/CTO
Wunderbox Eric Bach, SVP of Product/Chief Engineer
Space Concept Peter Rawlinson, CEO/CTO
Drive Unit Part 1 – Motor Peter Rawlinson, CEO/CTO
Emad Dlala, VP of Powertrain
Drive Unit Part 2 – Inverter Eric Bach, SVP of Product/Chief Engineer
Drive Unit Part 3 – Transmission Peter Rawlinson, CEO/CTO
Body Structures Peter Rawlinson, CEO/CTO
Lighting Technology Eric Bach, SVP of Product/Chief Engineer
Aerodynamics Derek Jenkins, SVP of Design and Brand
Jean-Charles Monnet, Technical Fellow, Aerodynamics
Suspension Peter Rawlinson, CEO/CTO

You can watch episode one below.

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