Intel Corp is launching self-driving shuttles in the US in 2024

Intel Corp’s Mobileye unit is partnering with Benteler EV System and Beep to launch self-driving EV shuttles in the United States in 2024.

This project is part of Mobileye’s bid to scale up its automated driving systems beyond taxis and delivery units.

The EV shuttle will feature 12 to 14 seats and have no steering wheel or pedal on board. As well, the shuttles will only operate in a contained geofenced area and go a maximum of 35mph (56km/h).

Intel and their partners plan to build a couple of hundred vehicles in 2024. At the same time, their longer-term goal is to produce between 10,000 and 15,000 of these shuttles.

Benteler EV Systems will build the shuttles and ensure that they meet US standards for safe operations on public roads. Benteler International AG, who is a massive German automotive parts group owns Benteler EV Systems.

However, it is not clear who will buy these shuttles, nor is it clear where Mobileye will deploy the shuttles. The release did not provide any potential customers or regions in the US the shuttles will run.

Mobileye’s robotaxi project in Israel and Germany look to be on track to start in 2022. However, the company is still awaiting approval.

They are also working with Silicon Valley start-up Udelv to develop and put into service automated delivery vehicles in the US by 2023.

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