Hyundai’s ‘Active Air Skirt’ Technology Boosts EV Range and Stability at High Speeds

Electric vehicles have birthed many new technologies, and the latest one by Hyundai and Kia have added four miles (six and a half kilometers) of driving range to their electric cars. The innovation is known as the Active Air Skirt (AAS), and is based on reducing aerodynamic resistance when in motion.

Hyundai’s AAS regulates the air entering the bumper from the lower part. This controls the turbulence generated by the car’s motion around the wheels based on factors that come into play at high speed. AAS only activates at high speeds above 50 miles per hour (80km/h) when the car’s aerodynamic resistance exceeds the rolling resistance.

At lower speeds, the hardware, which covers only the front of the tires, is concealed.

Credit: Hyundai

To ensure AAS works at high speeds like 124 mph (200km/h) and above, Hyundai included rubber on the lower part, enhancing the system’s reliability and durability. The innovation reportedly cuts the drag coefficient by 0.008 on the Genesis GV60, adding 3.7 miles to the driving range.

AAS not only improves the driving range but also enhances the car’s stability. With the flatness of the E-GMP electric platform, the positioning of AAS on the tires helps to increase the downforce, leading to better vehicle traction even at high speeds.

Hyundai is already considering mass production of the technology, but a decision will only be made after more durability and performance tests are performed.

Here is a video of AAS in action.

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