Hyundai claims Ioniq 5 will dominate at fast-charging

Hyundai recently claimed that the Hyundai Ioniq 5 would dominate all competitors in miles of range added at fast-charging stops. This claim came from an an interview with Automotive news, the Manager of Electrified Powertrain Development for the automaker. They further claimed the Ioniq 5 would even beat the Tesla Model Y in fast-charging.

Hyundai notes that their newest EV is achieving a higher than average charging rate. Although many automakers publicize their peak charging rate, many do not mention their average charge rate. This is because charging rates generally start to decline over time, which in turn slows down the average charging seed.

As per the interview, the Ioniq 5 can maintain charging rates exceeding 200 kilowatts from 10% to 55% in optimal conditions. To do this, Hyundai placed their battery cells in direct contact with a cooling plate to allow for prolonged fast charging.

In addition, the vehicle’s E-GMP platform allows for 800-volt charging hardware and can complete bi-directional charging. Which means the vehicle van discharge electricity to power devices or even tools.

However, we should note that these claims have not been independently tested.

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