Hyundai announces EValuate program with Turo

Hyundai Canada has today announced EValuate, a new program in partnership with Turo.

EValuate is a long-term test drive program that will allow consumers to experience how EVs could fit their lifestyles.

The program will first debut in Quebec and Ontario and will launch in British Columbia in the coming weeks.

However, the test drive is not free. As per the Turo app, it will cost $150 per day plus a trip fee.

Dan Romano, President and CEO at Hyundai Canada, said this about the new program.

We believe EVs are the future of automotive and wider adoption is a crucial part of helping to address greenhouse gas emissions, but there is a real need-state to address consumer queries and hesitations about electric vehicles. At Hyundai, we are proud to be the second largest retailer of EVs and to offer the widest range of electrified vehicles in Canada. Through this partnership with Turo, we look forward to giving Canadians the opportunity to learn more about how our EVs can seamlessly fit into their lifestyles, for a more sustainable tomorrow.

The new program will be a turnkey-style program that works through the Turo website or app.

Users will fill in the information on the Turo app or site and then pick up the vehicle from the Hyundai dealership.

Everything from insurance to handover logistics is handled through the app or site.

To be eligible, you must be 25 years or older with a valid licence from the province you are testing within.

If you end up purchasing a Ioniq 5 , you will receive a $500 incentive on the purchase price.

As the program just launched, the options are still limited.

However, these are the locations of the available dealerships on the Turo app at the moment.

  • Toronto
  • Saguenay
  • Sherbrooke
  • Drummondville
  • Quebec
  • Montreal
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