GM also working on million-mile battery, claims to be ‘almost there’

Earlier this year at their first-ever EV Day, General Motors (GM) unveiled their Ultium battery, which they promised would be cheaper and more efficient than today’s batteries.

GM Executive Vice President Doug Parks now says the automaker, despite not yet releasing any vehicles using the Ultium battery, is already working on its next generation of batteries that will be capable of reaching 1 million miles (1.6 million km). (via Reuters)

Without giving a timeline on when GM would release the new battery, Parks told an online investor conference there are “multiple teams” working on it, and they are “almost there”. Those teams are focussing on things like zero-cobalt electrodes, solid state electrolytes, and ultra-fast charging.

Tesla will be holding their “Battery Day” event soon, where they are expected to announce huge advancements in their battery technology. One of those announcements could be thanks to the hard work of a team of Canadian researchers, which could help make electric vehicles more affordable than gas cars.

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Musk recently announced Battery Day will likely be split into an online event next month and in-person event later this year.

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