Giga Shanghai exports a second set of vehicles in May

Giga Shanghai production is ramping up, and the factory is shipping out vehicles for the second time this month.

The company loaded around 4,000 vehicles on the car carrier Theban at the Port of Shanghai, destined for Singapore before heading to Europe. Earlier this month, the automaker loaded 4,767 cars on the car carrier Glovis Splendor to Koper, Slovenia. the first time it had done so since shutting down in late March due to COVID-19.

Giga Shanghai has long been the export hub for Tesla, and about 50 per cent of shipments are coming from the plant.

So far, the factory has exported around 9,500 vehicles in the first two weeks of this month.

This is great news for Tesla, as Giga Shanghai was shut down to COVID-19 lockdowns from March 28 to April 19. However, the factory has since re-opened with a closed-loop system. This system allows the factory to remain operational while having its employees sleep, eat and relax at the Tesla facility.

Although Giga Shanghai is still ramping up production after the shut down, Fremont and Giga Berlin have taken up some of the slack, and hopefully Giga Texas will join in soon too.

Tesla continues to ramp up production at Giga Shanghai following the shutdown, but they will also need their suppliers to match their demands, as was the case earlier this month when their wiring harness supplier had to shut down their factory due to a COVID outbreak.

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