FSD Beta 10.69 is still on track for a release tomorrow, but don’t expect to get it for another few weeks

fsd beta

One of the most hyped (and delayed) releases of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software, now labelled as version 10.69, is still scheduled to be released on Saturday August 20, as Elon Musk has been promising.

However, the majority of Tesla owners won’t be receiving it for at least another few weeks.

In a tweet last night Musk explained this version contains “many major code changes.” As a result, they will be taking an “extra cautious” approach to the rollout, and only release it to about 1,000 testers on Saturday.

If all goes well and no major bugs are found, 10.69.1 will be released the following week, August 27, to about 10,000 testers. Following the same process, 10.69.2 will then hopefully be released to the remaining testers on September 3.

Keep in mind this is a best-case scenario timeline, and it could easily shift further into the future if any issues are found, something which has happened numerous times before with prior releases.

This version of FSD Beta, originally labelled 10.13, was first released to internal testers in mid-July. Musk has said it would be released soon several times, but each timeline has passed without a public release.

According to release notes leaked from an internal tester, there are a number of significant improvements coming in this version. You can read the release notes here.

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