Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E to be announced on Sunday leaked online early

Thanks to some clever thinking from a member of the Mach-E forum, we no longer have to wait until Sunday and Ford’s livestream of the unveiling to get some looks at the vehicle and the numbers behind it.

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The Mach-E member buzznwood tried randomly guessing what the URL of the new vehicle would be, and after several attempts found the vehicles hidden page, which is now inactive –

The Mach-E will come in several different trim levels, ranging in price from $43,895USD for the “Select” trim level. The most expensive limited-edition trim option, dubbed “GT” will be priced at $60,500USD. Take a look at the gallery below and you’ll see the interior looks awfully similar to a Tesla, with a large, horizontal touch-screen in the middle of the dash. Using today’s exchange rates, Canadians can expect prices in the range of $58,000CDN to $80,000CDN. It appears the base MSRP appears will be well over the $45,000 minimum required for iZEV federal rebate.

Performance wise, the GT version has a targeted 0-60mph time in the mid 3 second rage (slower than the Performance Model 3, which unofficially hit 2.9s after the latest software update). For lower trim levels, 0-60mph times will be in the mid 5 second range.

How often will you need to charge the Mach-E? It will be delivered with around 270 miles (435km) of range. If you opt for the extended-range battery and rear-wheel drive options, you’ll be able to squeeze out 300 miles (482km) of range.


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