Ford to allocate F-150 Lightning to states with strict emission laws, leaving dealers in other states with as few as 3 trucks for the year

F150 LIghtning
Credit: Ford

Ford announced this morning plans to almost double their F-150 Lightning production capacity from 80,000 to 150,000 units, citing strong demand for the electric truck.

Even with the increased production, the automaker is still faced with a large backlog of more than 200,000 pre-orders.

This leaves Ford in the difficult position of trying to figure out where, and how many of the electric trucks to send to dealerships across the country for their planned spring launch.

According to insider information shared by Spade312 on the LightningOwners forum, the company will be allocating the bulk of the units to states like California that have strict emission laws.

For dealers in states that have more relaxed laws, that means they could be allocated as few as 3 units for the year, even if they have more than 100 customers who have made a reservation.

Adding insult to injury, Ford is reportedly also not giving any preference to the order of reservations.

According to the insider, those customers who are actively in discussion with dealerships will be prioritized since they are the ones most likely to be ready to place their order.

Ford has not officially commented on which customers will be able to convert their reservations to order this Thursday, only to save invitations will be sent in “waves” in 2-week increments.

Ford dealers nearly doubling price of F-150 Lightning with ‘market adjustments’

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